Which Way Silverware?

At the office we have a dish drainer on the counter for the dishes to dry in once they’ve been washed. Say you have a whole bunch of silverware, no sharp knives. Which way do the silverware go in the holder after being washed? Up? Down? I don’t want to eat off of a spoon or fork whose end has touched the grimy bottom of the dish drainer silverware holder. Do you? Apparently, cause you put the silverware handle side up and the ‘in my mouth’ part of the silverware down. GROSS!

Toilet Leftovers, At Work

It’s bad enough that the smell of really awful, super pungent fake flower scent wafting through the office notifies everyone that the last bathroom goer made a stinky. But what about when the person neglects to check the bowl after the flush? I thought everyone did that. Apparently not. Today I got the gift of seeing pieces of dark brown “leftovers” in addition to the over powering flowery stench. Check the bowl please. No one wants to view your leftovers.

When Did You Become The Expert?

The company purchased a new software program. I’ve been the one who has received the most training and use the software program most often.
Gouda: I want to do X with the software.
HB: The software doesn’t let you do X.
Gouda: Yes it does.
HB: I’m the one with the most training and I say that is doesn’t let you do X.
Gouda: Make it happen.
HB: I can’t make the software do something it cannot do.

Employees Want To Get Paid

If you’re struggling to pay your employees every pay period then you have a problem. Begging your clients for money to pay your employees is horrible. Not paying your employees is worse. Hopefully you have a manager that your clients like and are friendly to so that they don’t mind when manager calls for payments. :/ And such is the state of business.

This Week’s Conundrums

Few does not mean 2. If someone says, pick up a few pumpkins, bringing back 2 is not enough. If only 2 were required they would have said 2 or a couple.

The kitchen is for kitchen things. The bathroom is for bathroom things. If you have a small storage place the best option is to not by the extra large value pack big enough for the mother in the shoe. Toilet paper in the kitchen drawer next to the silverware is not the best option.

If your boss is a candy-holic, why buy only 1 package of candy corn? Ah, because said buyer of the candy only works part time and wants the full timers to have to deal with “grouchy, the candy corn is gone because I ate it all already” boss. Payback is all I’m saying.

Birthday cards are for happy thoughts and wishes. Why would you write something about your own mistakes and screw ups in your thoughts to someone in their birthday card? How did you not think about that before I mentioned it?


Piglet: What are your expectations?
HB: What?
Piglet: What are your expectations of me?
HB: That you show up. That you work your scheduled hours. That you complete the assignments given to you.
Piglet: Okay. Just wanted to make sure.
HB: It’s a job. There’s no hidden agenda. Am I missing something? You have been working here for a month already, right?
Piglet: Yep.